Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sound advice

If only all the bottles I've opened contained this much actual wisdom. 

For the first time since 2012, I took Mrs. Next to the movies as part of her birthday celebrations. We saw The Fault In Our Stars and I have to say, it was very faithful to the book and we enjoyed it very much, if you call sobbing throughout enjoyable. We had both loved John Green's book and knew what we were in for. 

The casting was just about perfect. You couldn't take your eyes off either of the two leads and it was shot beautifully, especially the Amsterdam scenes. The use of animation for the texting between Gus and Hazel Grace was also very well done and useful to the story. I hope the author is happy with it. 

While millions have read the book, it is always my hope that the movie will lead those who've yet to read it, to do so. For those of you who still believe that reading YA is beneath you, think again. You can go here to read my thoughts on the book: 

Friday, June 13, 2014

New from Lewis Nordan!

Exciting news for fans of the late Lewis Nordan: Algonquin Books has released a short piece of his that can be downloaded here:

Now I'm not a read-it-off-the-screen kind of guy but for new Nordan, I took the plunge and downloaded it to my laptop via an app from Kobo. You tablet users, I-Tunes-ers, and those who read on your phones (the horror!) can do the same. 

Apparently, Nordan was putting together a collection of short stories prior to his death in 2012 and the piece, entitled "Would You Shut Up, Please" (ahhhh. Nordan-y!), was part of those writings. I have contacted the publisher to see if they are planning to publish a full collection and should I hear back, I'll be certain to pass it on. 

If you're not a fan of Lewis Nordan, you can read my appreciation of him here: