Friday, February 18, 2011

Life by Keith Richards

Considering the, ahem, life Keef has lived, you wouldn't expect him to remember anything from the last half century of being "Keef".  Remarkably, he remembers damn near everything and recounts his colorful life as rock 'n' roll icon/'this-is-your-brain-on-drugs' posterboy in very lively detail.   

Ultimately, Keith is Keith.  There are no apologies and few regrets.  He is true to himself and fuck off if you don't like it.  Amazing as it is that he's lived at least nine lives, Keith really isn't all that surprised.  He maintains he has been blessed with a "strong constitution" and a "high tolerance".

As for the Stones, Keith dismisses Brian, loves and respects Charlie, has surprisingly little to say about Bill, and feels kind of sorry for Ronnie.  He misses Ian Stewart, adores Bobby Keys, and was happy to be done with Billy Preston.  He lets Mick have it pretty good.  Despite the long road, Keith understands how they have grown together and grown apart.  He refers to them as brothers though no longer friends.  Where Keith believes he has stayed true to himself, he paints Mick as a control freak and a social climber. Despite all this, he considers Mick the greatest singer, greatest dancer, and greatest front man in rock 'n' roll.

As expected, Life is rife with dirt and drugs and guns and girls, silly scrapes and narrow escapes, love and hope and sex and dreams.  As Keith tells it, he wouldn't have it any other way.

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