Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where the hell I've been

Surprised to hear from me?  Thought I'd chucked it all and gotten a paying gig?  Perhaps a better offer? Goodness no.  I wouldn't leave you though I am apt to disappear from time to time.  Turns out I took the summer off and hadn't even expected to do so.  

You see, for the first time since she began teaching, Mrs. Next allowed herself to relax.  She took no classes, attended no seminars, studied no new theory and simply let her mind alone for the better part of three months.  So I joined her and it was delightful.

We took it easy, worked on our home, enjoyed time with friends, ate entirely too well and traveled a bit.  We read and read and read and I even had a little work done--fingertip implants.  (All the bloggers are doing it but let's keep it between us for now, shall we?  You're a doll).  

So that's why ol' Reed has been out of touch.  However, that's about to change.  As mentioned, lots of reading and therefore, lots to talk about.  In the near future, I'll post on several books worth a look, including:
The Rules of Civility, an absolutely marvelous debut that's been out for only two weeks but will be read for years and years to come,

Donald Ray Pollock's disturbing, Ohio Gothic novel, The Devil All the Time,

One Thousand White Women, Jim Fergus' cinematic epistolary novel from 1998,

and the absolutely charming Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman.  Main character Harri will stay with you long after the last page.

There will be more and soon.  Do stay with me.  

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