Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Answer To The Riddle Is Me by David Stuart Maclean

Here's the set-up: a twenty-eight year old American man awakens, standing up, in an Indian train station with no memory. He has no wallet or passport or any other identification. He doesn't know his name, where he lives or why he's in India. 

Sounds like the start of a great Hitchcock movie, doesn't it? Thing is, it's true. Subtitled a Memoir of Amnesia, it is as frightening a tale as I've read in ages. At just under 300 pages, I devoured it in three sittings over a couple of days. It's that good. 

It will publish in mid-January. Write it down now so you don't forget though I will remind you again then. Better still, pre-order it now and it will be a lovely surprise that arrives in the mail in bleak, post-Holidays January.

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