Monday, February 11, 2008

Juicy and delicious

Okay kids, perhaps all you big city publishing types have known about this for months and have vetted the story and made interns call fact-checkers and found it to be just so much chin-music but here in the Flyover States, we're just getting this info and if half of it is true, it's quite the grand conspiracy.

Now I know Warren Hinckle is kind of legendary for being on the nutty side of the sundae bar (though I loved the Argonaut when it was in printed form in the early '90's). However, if there is truth to this and if he were the one to break the story that Judith Regan isn't the planetary scourge she was portrayed as during the
whole O.J. If I Did It (and I did, too) imbroglio, and is really only as evil as we thought she was before all this, well, it's so gooey-delish, so dripping with the hot fudge of Fox News human nastiness, I can't even stand it! You can't make this up and I hope no one did.

So has this story come and gone and I missed it somehow? If not, how is it this hasn't come to light before now?

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