Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This offer only good until midnight Friday. Seriously.

Amazing book marketing here. From 12:01 am this morning until midnight on 2/29, Random House is offering the entire text of Charles Bock's Beautiful Children for download. If you have the paper, the ink and the time, you can even print out the whole thing.

A bold stroke from Random, the biggest of the big houses, in both trying to break Bock's much-hyped and well-reviewed debut novel and reach their audience in an alternate manner. Not only will this appeal to the younger, I-download-everything-to-my-Ipod crowd but by making it easy and available, it should reach the less technologically-dependent readers who will take the chance and download a book to their laptop or home PC, probably for the first time.

Check it out here:

Now let's see how many other publishers follow suit.

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